All About S.H.E.


S.H.E. (Sensually.Hers.Evolved.) is dedicated to helping women create a Fun! Feminine! & Fearless! life so that she can experience sensual and sexual bliss!!! This woman will have the freedom to unapologetically live her life out loud!

Shawntell T’Neke is a vibrant, fun and engaging writer, coach and speaker.  She is committed to being authentic in her coaching program and talks.  Each conversation, full of humor and insight, is sprinkled with personal stories about herself and the people in her life; real life experiences, struggles and random “issues” that captivates, inspires and creates…  personal evolution!

Shawntell T’Neke is a forever student of!  Throughout her life, she has faced many challenges and adversities; however, her determination and confidence has continued to propel her forward past any and all resistance.  She has completed the Master’s program in various life experiences and is currently working on her personal PhD.

Shawntell T’Neke is the beautiful mother of 4 awesome children. The ages range from 3 years old to 19!  Go figure that!!!  She is divorced and currently resides with her life partner and personal massage therapist Tammie!  From financial tragedy to a life of bliss; Shawntell T’Neke holds the ability to relate to women on various platforms: single mother, married, divorced, financial distress, emotional abuse, self-esteem & self-worth issues, mistress, side-chic, homegirl, sister, cousin and friend to now… BLISS! Shawntell has definitely been there and done that!

Shawntell T’Neke is a firm believer that every woman has the potential and the ability to create a BLISSful! life.  It does not matter if you want to be Fun-N-Fabulous, Feminine-N-Fabulous or Fearless-N-Fabulous as long as effin’Fabulous, that is all that matters!  She is passionate about helping women positively transform and optimize every aspect of their lives and close the gap from where she used to be and who she is destined to become.

If you are a woman who shops only to mask the temporary need for gratification or the other woman who has over 100 pair of shoes without any sense of internal fulfillment or joy, S.H.E. is the place for you!!!!  The Christian Louboutins, Louis Vuitton bags, or DKNY attire are only a mere mask of who you truly are!  Are you tired of empty promises from multiple partners, the same boyfriends with different faces, faking orgasms, a closet full of clothes, but nowhere to go, broken-hearted and tears that fall on deaf ears? Allow Shawntell T’Neke to assist in those areas of inner healing and transformation!  If you finally want to Heal the Little Girl within on a journey to find your Inner Sexy to experience powerful S.H.E.~Gasms… Shawntell T’Neke is here for you.  It would be an honor to be in the process together to empower, encourage, and support you on your courageous journey of evolution to become Sensually Evolved! Let’s evolve together.  Sensually. Hers. Evolved.


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